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Test of the radar/altimeter for the Entry, Descent and Landing of ExoMars 2016 and ExoMars 2020

Thales Alenia Space Italia and European Space Agency

Erfoud, Southern Morocco


In Spring 2016 the Ibn Battuta Centre has supported the test of of the radar/altimeter that will control the EDL of the ExoMars landers in 2016 and 2018. The Radar altimetr was mounted in front of a Ecureuil B2.  The test sites have been analysed by IRSPS/Ibn Battuta and the Ibn Battuta has provided the logistic support. The test has been performed in the Ibn Battuta facility at Erfoud and in the Ibn Battuta Desert Outpost nearby.


The operations have involved about 32 engineers, scientists and technicians, one helicopter, one drone, two large trucks, eleven 4x4 or cars. The Facilities consisted of offices, two workshops, one permanent landing pad, and one temporary landing area, satellite communications. This has been one of the most complicate activity performed by IRSPS/Ibn Battuta Centre.


The test activities are performed by Thales Alenia Space Italia in the frame of Exomars, a broad cooperation program between ESA and Roscosmos with some contributions from NASA consisting of two missions planned for launch in 2016 and 2020.

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