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Geobiology in space exploration

Marrakech, Morocco - Feb 7-9 2011

In February 2010 the Ibn Battura Centre organised an ESA and NASA meeting on Geobiology in Space Exploration. The meeting was organised with the support of the ESA Topical Team 'Geomicrobiology for Space Settlement and Exploration (GESSE)' led by Charles Cockell (Open University). Geobiology in Space Exploration addressed the full range of issues of geobiology with some specific core purposes: to contribute to building the community of people working in geobiology and applying it to space sciences and exploration, and to develop a strategic document on the range of geobiology applications and possible space missions for ESA.


A Post-Meeting field trip was organised in Southern Morocco: Geomicrobiology and Geology from PreCambrian to Quaternary. The field trip brought more than 40 scientists on board of 11 4WD all around the Moroccan Sahara to investigate outcrops of Stromatolites, travertines, mud Volcanoes and more.


Two field trips accounts from Leisle Mullen:


Testing Mars Missions in Morocco


Seeking Life’s Imprint in Shifting Desert Sand


Participant photo gallery


The third circular

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