How to Explore: the means of Exploration

Exploration is an activity that is not limited only to humans. Our friends, called animals, share this necessity with us: exploration is a necessity for living things; it is part of the living realm.


Exploring is exploring. We can use the experience obtained by the Terrestrial exploration to move to other bodies of the Solar System. To explore, regardless whether you are in a desert or on the Moon, you must have an objective, as distant as possible, as tough as possible.

Getting oriented in the vast Sahara

Exploration must have a purpose. Our purpose is, both on Earth and on the other planets, to increase our knowledge and our boundaries. Similar rationale suggests similar means.


A Moon astronaut collecting soil samples

Collecting samples in the impact area of the Tissint Martian meteorite

Communications and Computers are also important even in remote places

Shelters, base camps and outposts are important and must be supported by heavy logistics.

An Arctic base camp in Axel Heiberg Island (Candian High Arctic) with tents and Weatherhaven shelters

Inside they provide a confortable environment

However, the explorer is a frugal person...

A Landy can become a great shelter when is prepared for overlanding

The room of a caravanserail near Tamanrasset

Travel is probably the most important action in exploration.


Means of transportation are important to extend the reach of the explored area.

You can use 4WD…..


...or motor sledge

But you have to remember that you must be safe. Safety is the first duty in an exploration.: climbing a mountain is optional, returning at the base camp is mandatory.


Sometime, in these days, you need to be escorted if  you are travelling in treacherous places

But remember for geologists like us, the most daring exploration is the oil exploration

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